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Manufacturers seeking representation for their product(s) may submit their requests via email to Zach Downs, Executive Director at Please do not send files with large graphic content.

Zach will distribute your request for representation to showroom reps in the MarketPlace via email. Any interested showroom will then contact the manufacturer directly for more information, so please make sure to include the contact information with your email request.

As an alternative to or in addition to finding representation via email, manufacturers may visit the MarketPlace during any show. The personal visit will offer an opportunity to view the showrooms and see where the product may be a good fit. Manufacturers are asked to present a photo ID and business card at registration for admittance. MarketPlace policy does not permit manufacturers to enter any showroom unless they have a scheduled appointment or permission of the showroom owner. Photography is strictly prohibited without permission of the showroom owner.

For more information on rep groups or lines currently in the MarketPlace please view our web site under the search category, or call us at 888-332-8979.