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You will find the following tenants in Permanent Suites at The Columbus MarketPlace: ABC Gift Sources - Ben Wild & Wheary Associates - Bernie Helmick & Associates - CWI Gifts - GM & Associates - Colonial Tin Works - Coronet Fashion Jewelry, Handbags & Accessories Inc. - D&G Oyler - David & Associates - Fox Enterprises - GJ Sales Co., Inc. - Gennari & Company - GR8 Reps Gift Connection- Guardian Packaging - Harpster & Company - TrendSmart Sales - Lydia Rose - M S Sales - Marino & Associates - Mark Williams & Company - McGowan LTD - Stirgwolt & Associates- The Fox Group - The Weber Group - Tomijohn - Vince Kramer Associates - Waggoner Chocolates - W.T. Collection, Zaer LTD, International

2018 March Exhibitors  3/16/2018 to 3/18/2018  

The following is a list of March 2016 Exhibitors: 3s Craft Works, Accents for Modern Living, Accesorizit, AdventureKeen, Bates Family Farm, Blink Signs, Blue Planet Intl/BoomBoom Jeans, Candle Warmers, CEmeraki, Cheryl Lynn Associates, Copper Arts Inc, DM Merchandising/M&M Sales, Green Bubble Georgeous, HelloFresh, Honey House Naturals, Lipco Group, LM Marketing Sales, Dixon & Associates, Ocean & 7th, Wholesale Décor/Timless by Design, Station Platform 9, Sub Rosa Tea, The Annette James Group/Bellisari's Gourmet, The Jolt, TR McTaggart, Tucker Hand Blown Glass, Valley Supply,Inc., Wild Life Creations/He said..She said, Wild Mountain Soap Company, Yankee Doodle Deli.